This was my email reply to a college student on going after big dreams.

RE: following big dreams

You don’t have to start a company right out of school, but you do have to become an enemy of the status quo.

The status quo sucks people into that normal, comfortable, looks-pretty-good-on-a-resume job. Truly ask yourself why am I planning to do this? Gut check yourself and don’t bs the answer.

To dream big, you have to start small. It takes an extraordinary amount of hustle to make the dream come true, and it all starts with, well, starting. When you start executing on the details, it’ll give you the fire to go onward — the only direction.

Think about what your dream would be in 5 years, 10 years… what’s your wildest dream?

Vision that dream then reverse engineer the execution of it. Chasing big dreams means running away from the status quo. You have to become an outlier, an anomaly in the choices you make. People will think you’re crazy and that’s when you know you’re onto something. They’ll get insecure because deep down they’re jealous they don’t have the guts or discipline to do the same.

And none of it comes easy or overnight. But the journey is what makes it great and that’s how you grow. It seems counter-intuitive but the climb is the reward. You grow when you’re doing things that make you uncomfortable. The worst thing you can do is pick something comfortable.

It starts now with your every day choices… always choose hard over easy.

Yes there has to be the dream, but ultimately it comes down to the discipline and execution. Anyone can dream, only few have the discipline and grit to execute.

But the good news is that you can do it… it’s a choice.


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