More Signs Emerge That Russiagate Is Dying
More Signs Emerge That Russiagate Is Dying
Caitlin Johnstone

Finally another voice of reason. That means that Jimmy Dore is no longer the lone voice on this side of the political spectrum. No matter what anyone thinks about Donald Trump, using dirty tactics like this to undermine a new incumbent, and possibly lead him into confrontation with Russia to prove his bona-fides, is immoral and should be illegal. This whole pack of lies, apart from being dangerous and disingenuous, and politically expedient, is masking even worse corruption, the coverup of the real DNC leaker. Julian Assange as good as revealed the identity of the leaker, that he was murdered and attempts were made to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Assange’s agent Craig Murray has admitted meeting the leaker in a park to physically hand over the data containing the Podesta emails.

The DNC never allowed the FBI or any other US agency to inspect their servers. The only “evidence” of Russian hacking comes from the private security firm Crowdstrike, but since when did the FBI and CIA make conclusions which affect national security, by taking the word of a third party, paid by the DNC? Obama expelled Russian families on the eve of Christmas, creating much anger in Russia, on the basis of this?

Now that the Podesta emails are being used in court to expose the fraud against Bernie Sanders, it’s time that this coverup is also blown wide open, and the brave actions of the real whistleblower be acknowledged, perhaps even paying with his life. If if there is anything linking his unsolved death with his activities it will be a national scandal.

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