Jimmy Dore Just Put His Foot So Far Up WaPo’s Ass It Came Out Mike Pompeo’s Mouth
Caitlin Johnstone

It’s not that Jimmy is the only channel calling out all the DNC and media bullshit, but he is the only progressive channel. When a channel like Stefan Molyneux point this out, or even Dave Rubin these days, its either outside the leftist bubble entirely or any information is dismissed out of hand. That that makes Jimmy’s work extremely valuable, anyone else falls on deaf ears. I’m still not convinced that Cenk isn’t using Jimmy to make a buck both ways. On his other show “the Aggressive Progressive” on TYT itself, Jimmy recently backpedalled on the Seth Rich story, and three weeks ago, Cenk made disparaging remarks about AG’s Michael Tracy, not Jimmy by the way, for being skeptical about the Russia narrative. While Jimmy is associated with this buffoon, it damages his credibility.