Nothing Annoys a Hillary Hater More Than Liking Hillary Does
Melissa McEwan

There is another example, his name is Vladimir Putin. Perhaps next time you hear Hillary Clinton spreading unsubstantiated accusations like Putin kills journalists, and Putin is a war criminal and Putin interfered in the US election, which I’m sure you believe, then you will know the feeling when some people mention the Clinton Body count, the death of Vince Foster, even perhaps Seth Rich, and ponder whether the premises behind the Putin slander, might just be as flimsy and malicious as the allegations about the Clinton’s.

The footage showing Hillary laughing at the gruesome death of Gaddafi, while in separate footage, Putin turning to former British Prime Minister David Cameron during a press conference, and angrily asking “Who gave you the right to murder Gaddafi?”, without response. It must have been bad lighting for Hillary, I get it.

I just can’t understand this footage of Michael McFaul, Secretary Clinton’s subordinate, US Ambassador to Russia, actively providing support to a host of Russia opposition politicians, prior to the 2012 Russian Presidential election, inviting them to the US Embassy for unspecified activities. Its hard not to think there was collusion and interference in the Russian presidential election, but Hillary Clinton would never be involved in such a thing, would she? I’m sure you can help me with my misunderstanding.

Back when the liberal media was semi-objective, ‘Foreign Policy’ invited an American working in one of Moscow’s foreign policy institutes, to provide an unbiased account of the thinking in Russian policy circles about the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President. It is a very interesting read for anyone in the hate-Russia camp to compare with the way think about Putin. Then think for a second, what if you are wrong, and all your media is lying to you, and then realise that’s exactly what according to opinion polls, over 80% of Russians believe about you and the US media.

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