Season One of Sprints & Milestones is very quickly coming to a close. We started this project thinking eight episodes with a final episode to tie them all together would work well. Wow, now we need to record that final episode! And we should probably start planning Season Two as well. Maybe we need a PM. Well, we do need your help.

Send Your Questions
Our final episode in Season One will be a Q&A format. We’d love for you to send us your project leadership questions. No topics are off the table (as long as it’s related to, you know, the stuff we actually discuss on the show). …

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The Digital PM Summit is an annual conference for anyone leading digital projects. Check it out this September 4–6 in Memphis, TN.

The Digital PM Summit is now in its sixth year. We’re expecting a full house September 4–6 at the The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Check out all of the amazing content will bring to this year’s sessions, and a sneak peek at some of the companies attending, and you’ll want to register now.

The Agenda

We’ve been working hard on curating an excellent experience and are excited to announce that the full event agenda for the Digital PM Summit 2018 is live. This year’s agenda will bring inspiration and a whole lot of tips and tricks to take back to the office with you. Our keynotes, interactive sessions, and breakouts will provide various ways for you to learn, share, and interact with other attendees. …

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Today, my great friend and colleague Greg Storeyand I are releasing the first episode of Sprints & Milestones, a podcast where we share war stories, tips, tactics, and anecdotes on navigating the sometimes rough waters of getting digital projects done. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to make this announcement…mostly because it’s been a long time coming!

Greg and I started planning the podcast about a year ago when I was visiting Austin. Because Greg wrote the foreword to my book, we decided that the first season should focus on the Principles for Digital Project Management, which appear in Chapter 2. …

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It’s really hard to find time to be a PM when it’s not your full-time job. Putting a clock on your desk probably won’t help, but following some of the tips in this article might.

It’s a fact: there are many people out in the workforce who are managing projects but are not officially project managers by title. in fact, we all manage projects on some level. Some of us at work, some at home…some good, some really, really terrible. So what do you do if you’re tasked with managing a project but just don’t have a full 8 hours per week, let alone an hour, to manage that project? Read on, workforce warrior, and you’ll be able to keep everything moving successfully with just 30 minutes per day.

Here’s the deal: your schedule is busy with meetings, email, and actual work. If you set aside a good couple of hours at the beginning of your project, you will set your team up for success and for yourself to be a great project manager. The recommendations that follow will require some investment in time up front, but minimal weekly time suckage.

Oh, hey, Medium. It’s been a while. I publish stuff over on my blog every once in a while (like every 6 months. cool.). I also wrote a book. And I wrote an article about that book. But I only put it on the blog…and that was in July 2017. So here it is again. But on Medium.

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Grab a copy of Project Management for Humans on Amazon or through Rosenfeld Media.

I’m very pleased to announce that my book Project Management for Humans is now available for purchase. Its official release was July 20, 2017 and it is available on Amazon and through Rosenfeld Media.

You have no idea how great it felt to write that. As I am sure you’ve heard, writing a book is no easy feat. But it was one that I wanted to take on, and I was lucky enough to find a publisher who would support me in that endeavor. In all, it was about a year in the works: writing, rewriting, rethinking, brainstorming, sketching, discussing, and so on. It was a lot of work, but I’m happy with the outcome. …

It took me about 6 years and 3 jobs to realize that I wasn’t fully happy with my work. Sure, I was working on great projects with really nice, smart people, but I wasn’t in a role where I could do my best work. It wasn’t until someone told me I should be a PM that I actually realized what I was meant to do. Ever since, I’ve found this drive to be a better project manager and help others be better as well. Now that I’m an independent consultant, I’ve made this a central goal for myself and my business. …

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Making any digital product is no simple task. Never mind shifting design trends, emerging technologies, and all of those screen sizes; Designing and coding something with a team can be down right tricky. Our industry is made up of designers and developers, all of who share a passion for big creative ideas, but maybe are not always compatible in a project setting. You might say that a typical developer is left-brain dominant: analytical and logical, while a designer might be right-brian dominant: emotional and creative. If you look up the psychological definitions of these two, their communication style is noted as verbal and nonverbal respectively. …

Become a Time Management Master

We’re all busy at work. It’s a “good thing,” right? Well, it is, unless your to-do list is a mile long, you’re always stressed out, and you don’t know where to start. You see, there is an art to being busy, and it’s not easy to master. You have to stick to your obligations, do a good job, and enjoy yourself while working. Oh, and you totally need to protect your time off.

That’s where good time management skills come in. If you take the time to plan your days and weeks effectively, you should be able to meet your deadlines and keep a smile on your face (and your clients’). …


Brett Harned

Digital PM consultant. Author of Project Management for Humans. Founder of Digital PM Summit. Parkour!

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