Pick Me! Pick Me!

So, you want to grab the attention of the more than one billion daily Facebook users, do ya? With so many people posting on social media sites, it is easy to get passed over by a quick scrolling user. How do you get their attention and maintain engagement?

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Capturing Attention in Social Media

If you are like me, I scan my social media news feed pretty quickly. Stopping only on either close friends or something that stops me in my tracks. The ability to stop someone in their tracks is the capturing of attention. According to Nathan Mendenhall, a 2015 study shows the average human attention span is less than a goldfish at only 8 seconds. (Mendenhall,2016) So you better be quick!

- Show me something shiny!

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. With only 8 seconds to grab attention, every second counts and our brains only take 0.25 seconds to process visual content.

Image credit: Pixabay
  • Be Mobile

We all have the fastest social media machines in our pockets now. Personally, it is easiest for me to whip my phone out in a moment of downtime to cruise the media. You must optimize your pages and become mobile friendly.

- Keep showing up!

Of course we do not want to become annoying and show up every time a user logs into their account. However, people will be more likely to check you out after multiple signs of your being. “According to the mere-exposure effect (ahem psychology majors), consumers need to be exposed to your content at least seven times before they’ll take action. (Mendenhall, 2016)

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

Holy cow!!!! They clicked on me……now what? “On social media, audience engagement can be defined as clicks, impressions, profile views, likes and shares. The more active users are with your social content, the more likely they’ll continue to follow and trust your brand.” (York, 2016) But how do I engage them, you ask?

Good question.

- Make them want to keep reading

You have heard that curiosity killed the cat. But why did that poor kitty die? Something was so interesting, he had to check it out. No matter how dangerous, he simply could not stop until he learned more. He was engaged and that is the first step at keeping your audience engaged. Pique curiosity!

- Be different

Find out what makes you different from everyone else and embrace it. Figure out your identity and stick with it. Show people how you are different.

- Don’t lose the audience

I know, pretty obvious right? But what the readers see has to make sense in order for them to keep going. Stick to your topic. This is the reason your audience has followed you this far. Don’t post include things in your post that don’t make sense to the topic you are discussing.


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