A guaranteed way to make sure your business kicks ass and allows you to build the life of your dreams.

There are a few simple concepts that allow you to have an absolutely kick butt business.

However, it is really easy to let your ego get in the way and play tricks on your mind.

So today’s question is simply this…

Are you over delivering, or is your ego just telling you that you are?

Only you will actually ever know.

Over this last weekend, my team and I spent a ton of hours making sure that the clients of our martial arts business reached their goals and dreams of becoming a black belt.

Of course the students had to put in even more hours and work their butts off.

However, at the time of the test and when it came time to award them their new belts and uniforms, we made extra sure that everyone got their “moment in the sun”

Memorable keep sakes

etc. etc.

NONE of this I got when I earned my first black belt. — lol

YES, it was a ton of work on the students and the instructors parts but for good reason.

We want our martial artists to KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are part of something VERY special.

More importantly we want our students to KNOW how amazing they are as individuals.

We want them to know that later in life, when times are hard, and the chips are down and when if feels like the weight of the world is almost unbearable, that they were able to accomplish what most would find impossible.

This will give them the confidence and strength that few can imagine.

We take this responsibility very seriously.

This is part of our efforts to over deliver.

What are yours?

Take a sincere look at your business and find 3 areas where you can over deliver where you currently do not.

Then watch how your business steadily improves.

Dedicated to your Success

Dream Big — Live Bigger — Leave A Positive Legacy.