Are you on track or are you about to be derailed?

We are halfway through July and it should be pretty clear if you are on track to reach your business goals or if you have come off the rails.

Are you being honest with yourself about …
Lead generation
Lead conversion
Staff training
System development/implementation


Your KPI’s will not lie to you, so don’t lie to yourself.

At the halfway point of the month there are probably plenty of ways to ensure you hit your goals.

What do you do?

Review your marketing plan and fully implement any items that you have missed.

Evaluate your statistics and find the leaks in your conversion bucket.

Study your staff training procedures and make necessary adjustments to your training process. Ensure everyone is “one the right track” as you pull into the station. (The station being the last day of the month)


The act of taking massive, focused action when we discover a problem can many times help us ensure we hit our marks even when time is drawing short.

If you wait until the last couple of days, you could be doomed to a month of stress and mediocrity.

There are always action we can take if we allow ourselves the gifts of planning and focus.

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