The missing link to attracting your ideal clients into your business and ideal friends into your life.

Would you like the secret to attracting your ideal clients to your business or perfect friends into your life?

BE the client/friend you want to attract.

Sound overly simple?

Then you may not be ready to hear this.

#1 Business

The people who are attracting the ideal clients to their business ARE the ideal clients for the businesses they work with.

If you are constantly a cheap, complaining, whiner, then why would you expect to have clients that are anything else?

Try just one of these things with your business life and see what happens.

  1. Up grade your skills regularly — Don’t watch — PARTICIPATE in an active upgrade. The act of TRAINING will far outlay the act of study.

2. Pay for really good information — If you are always looking for FREE information, don’t be surprised when you get stuck and can’t get where you want to go. The best sources of information and training are NOT free.

3. FULLY IMPLEMENT the information you TRAIN on before you go out and get more. Ask any truly successful person and they will talk to you about taking action with the resources they had and building on the results. They will NOT talk to you about how they knew everything before they took action because none of us can simply know it all.

Want the ideal people in your life and want to get rid of the drama, stress and anxiety of others in your life.

#2 Friends

BE the friend you want to have.

  1. Go first when it comes to being nice and giving of your time, talent and expertise when you meet people. Of course have boundaries but go first.
  2. Make it obvious what you are about. What you stand for, what is important to you, what you stand against. You don’t have to do this in an overt, arrogant way — Just be authentic and open.
  3. Take part in activities that fit your value structure and interests. Whatever serves you is awesome. BE you.

If this seems to be overly simplistic, yet you would like better clients or an upgrade in the friend department. Then I invite you to consider setting aside your current methods of attracting friends/clients and give this simple formula a test run for 90 days.

What have you got to lose?


If you need help send me a PM, I might be able to help.

Dedicated to your success,


Dream Big — Live Bigger — Leave a Positive Legacy.

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