As The D*** Pics Vanish. It’s Time to #Feartheghost

It wasn’t a year ago that when someone mentioned #snapchat the next response would be one of the following…

“What’s Snapchat?”

“I am too old for that!”

“Isn’t that the d*** pic app?”

But let’s be honest there is a reason why Facebook tried so desperately to acquire them. And many people thought #snapchat was foolish for not accepting their offer. However, I have to say that I am glad that they did not.

What The Hell Makes #Snapchat So Damn Special

Snapchat is forcing social media professionals, artists, designers, actors and writers to get creative with the way that they share, and most importantly acquire followers. How? It’s restrictions on the time it’s posts are visible emulate features like the character count on Twitter but from a motion and digital perspective. This appeals to an entirely different user base. It’s “in the moment” user experience and feature sets encourage us to actually be ourselves in the moment and forget about the ramifications of being “a little too wild”. Because it allows us just enough time to decide whether or not to make it public by adding it to our “story” or simply “message” it to the friends we know would understand what we are feeling in that moment.

Will #Snapchat Replace Our Cameras? Yep Most Likely!

Capturing moments and feelings has been what photography and art have sought to do since their conception. To express them has always been an equally important part of that equation. However some people aren’t quite ready to just dump their thoughts, lives and emotions into the public eye. Something that separates #snapchat from the rest of social media is their “save t0 phone” feature. That way we don’t have to post it if we don’t want to.

The Game Changer

Rarely in the history of advertising has the actual audience been excited to promote content themselves based soley on the fact that they are being delivered that content via a specific platform. It is easy to do this with #snapchat because users are not tied to their promotions, they have the ability to change their minds. Sure people wear certain brands and engage in activities that speak to the demographic of that brand. But #snapchat has found a way to surpass the effectiveness of word of mouth advertising and supercharge that “old” standard in a very “new” way.

This is all being done with #snapchat geofilters. If you haven’t heard of geofilters yet they are pretty amazing!

What Is A Geofilter?

A Geofilter is a image overlay that you can place over your snapchat photos and videos. These overlays are only available in specific locations that are determined by the person or business that uploads them. Their are two types so far. Community and On-demand geofilters.

Community filters are for cities, or other sub-areas like Soho NYC.

On-demand filters are for businesses or promotional use and only last for a designated amount of time. They are perfect for advertising to the 16–34 year old demographic.

Lindstrom Creative Can Help You Create Your Snapchat Campaigns!

One of the few early adopters of corporate Geofilter advertising has been Lindstrom Creative. ( Lindstrom Creative has been designing #snapchat campaigns for some pretty big names lately. Their latest campaign for the Tampa Bay Lightning reached 70,000 users in only 6 hours. That is unimaginable results when compared to Twitter or Facebook. With companies like Lindstrom Creative showing how an actual thought-out strategy can generate enormous results for any company, we are beginning to realize how powerful this tool could be.

The One Biggest Mistake Being Made By Snapchat Geo-filter Advertisements.

The biggest mistake being made by companies and clients that are creating geo-filters is that they are simply targeting their own physical store location. While people who are having fun at a location are likely to promote it, clients aren’t seeing how far their reach could get if they just decided to drop a couple thousand dollars instead of a couple hundred. Let’s look at the Tampa Bay Lightning campaign as an example.

For any local company that is hoping to break into the national market, snapchat offers the most affordable way to do it ever. Period.

Lindstrom Creative targeted 2 locations for a 6 hour period of time during the Tampa Bay Lightning Vs. The Detroit Red Wings.

The first location was the physical stadium where the game was played. The second location was Fergs Live. Fergs Live is a bar in Channelside Tampa located directly next to the stadium. Most companies would have targeted one location and had nowhere near the reach that was achieved. More views came from Fergs live that night than insider the actual Lightning Stadium. The bottom line is hire a professional if you want the most bang for your buck.

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