Everyone is a designer. Get over it.
Daniel Burka

Everyone can contribute to the design process. Not everyone is an “effective” designer. If you understand the psychology and SCIENCE behind the decisions that are being made for your users then absolutely. Anyone with that understanding is a designer despite job titles. But in my experience leading design for some of the largest enterprise level applications, the design AND product teams tend to be the biggest user advocates with the greatest understanding of that science. That’s not to say that other teams are the same. Where visual design and UX meet is where the designers are uncontested by other professionals. Color psychology, gestalt principles are rarely considered outside of the design perspective and are essential to accurately communicating your business objectives and optimal experience to your users. This is a loaded article. I see the point. Agree with what it is ultimately trying to say. But hundreds of thousands in student loans as a result of studying design separates the real designers from design contributors.