What God and Wealth Have in Common

And yes there is more than you think.

If you believe you receive…

There are plenty of people that dismiss god as a phony grey-bearded man that sits up in the clouds casting judgement on the people of the earth. A gay hating bigot that damns abortionists and gamblers to hell for all eternity.

That’s where people get it dead wrong. If you’ve every really felt gods presence there is no doubt he is real. It’s like the unmistakeable feeling of true love. But this love fills you completely. The love of any person can only ever partially fill you. There is no comparing the feeling once you have felt it.

With this purity of vision you see the world through the eyes of compassion and can see business angles with perfect poise and clarity. God does not wish for his children to live in poverty, he wants them to be a shining example of his power, glory and generosity. He blesses those that choose to accept success and abundance into their life. Any person is worthy. The journey back to him may take some time. But ultimately you will find your purpose on this earth. Every fight, every objection, every moment of doubt will dissipate when your time to succeed comes. But when you can sense that it is time… you MUST drop everything and leap head first into that pool of crippling doubt. That is the day that you will learn to swim.

He is a way maker. He is a chain breaker. He is the source of all the wealth you could ever hope to obtain and even more. The only approval you need is that of god. No one else’s judgement matters.

So it’s time to open those doors of abundance and kick some worldly ass.

Go get it!