Lux Ant Digital Is The Latest Electronic Banking Of Cryptocurrency


Lux Ant Digital is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in alternative investment strategies, in which a new digitalization era.

With the Lux Digital Ant platform presented as Electronic Banking, you can build close relationships with customers, suppliers, family, etc. and control the experience of buying, selling, sending money and / or digital assets from the login to the end of the transaction. Digital Digital LUX integrates into your custom operating experience and allows customers to use their credentials that are typically used to identify and transact on your website.

Innovative emissions of debit card payments, allowing us to provide a simpler card design approach. This action works, without the need for a chip and / or a pin, using a simple QR code that connects directly to the bank account. Efficiency will allow cash extraction from the Alux Bank cashier and for the future central bank associated with it, as well as small payouts or tremendous trades, with just a simple move to spend the QR code It will be based on a card without a GO making it easy to remove it from the account in case of loss or theft, it’s as simple as entering an online platform and canceling a stolen or missing card. The company’s Alux Bank card collaborators will be available to all merchants as well as request via APP.

Money transfer service with minimal commission fees and maximum speed without intermediaries.
The remittance method is used daily, due to the fact that many people do not have bank accounts, they can use the services mentioned above. Who uses the remittance service?
• Anyone who needs to send or receive money quickly and safely.
• People who help relatives or friends.
• Tourists in emergency situations.
• Business people who need to send or receive money quickly for their work.
• Someone who wants to send a gift in cash.

At Alux Bank, we offer the possibility that anyone in the world can receive money without having their geographic location important. Our platform’s automatic conversion method will make changes without a smooth and easy Smart Contract Executor execution that will perform operations with minimum commissions and maximum speeds without forget the height

Physical ATMs worldwide
Lux Ant Digital wants to implement ATM cashier network around the world.
The functions of the cashier are:
• Conversion of cryptocurrency as Ethereum or Bitcoin, for currency
required solicitor.
• To perform a reverse service to the previous one, to implement
currency conversion for Ethereum or Bitcoin
• To provide cash and to receive FIAT at APP Alux Bank
• To run the inverse service to the previous one, to implement
FIAT conversion and receive cash in an instant.
• To recharge Alux Bank card by using cashier.

The main idea led to the growth of Alux banking network and this is how to promote its use, collaborators to contract with professionals and companies for card issuing and refill them.Vision will focus on shopping center chain, gasoline, cabin, etc. In this way we will be able to get closer to our users.

User / client once he has passed biometric level recognition and uploaded / incorporated in Alux Bank platform. Users who do not want to take part in the portal, will be able to decide at a certain moment is their profile private or public. As mentioned earlier, entries will reflect all different publications of the user; new startup launches, for new businesses or extensions, requesting micro loans from either individuals or companies, etc.Publications will be associated with new investments and micro loan requests.According to the profile of each user, it will create the type of request or the other because of its needs.

On the other hand, profiles will be interested in helping and collaborating include requests required, this is one way that we would like to give to the capital to other users to be able to continue with loans or invest in some published projects, it can be done by Intelligent Contract is integrated into Alux Bank platform.

Lux Ant Digital will link part of its project to collaborate with financial institutions, thereby providing an integrated facility within the official operative. Our approach in working with central banks and supporting additional digital coins will be our main goal is financial-economic and social incorporation, this will help us to support initiatives on a much larger scale and as microeconomics, at the same time we will be able to improve international transactions.Obviously, we will be able to offer the financial institutions mentioned above

Do not have access to formal financial services. Most of them enter developing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, and the Pacific region. Inadequate banking infrastructure, high cost of financial services and distance to and from bank branches, lack of identification, low incomes and literacy rates , frequent civil conflicts, and even wars are all factors that contribute to the low level of presence of branch banks of the major urban centers in these countries. A huge opportunity to solve their problems without banking system. Countries with the highest percentage of the population tend to also have the fastest growing economies.

• To reduce poverty.
• To provide the possibility of offering jobs at distance and economic growth
increase savings and loan capacity.
• Innovation and infrastructure: electronic finance will enable the creation of new ones
business and products.
• To minimize class inequality.
• Genre equivalence will be established promoting financial electronics
activities for women increase control over their own funds and business.
• To improve the quality of education through direct access and
payment capacity.

• The economic situation in third world countries will reduce the immigration faced by developed countries, especially in the European Union, where major tensions are created in the social welfare system and the high costs associated with the problem.
• As a circle of sight, this will lure companies out of the continent to have more doors for themselves when the delas business with a terrific number of people, trades and markets, using it now has not been exposed almost to foreign financial products and services.

Active model
• Token personal development.
• Own Trade Robot.
• Manufacture of ATMs with personalized software.
• Digital asset custody in its most definite and transparent form.
• Consulting and Advising Digital Assets.
• Service deals with digital assets (exchange).

  • Private private training course training for external parties that may be interested in the company (Cryptocurrency Course, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Digital Asset Trading).

Fake model
We have made a development offer of 1 Billion Token ALUX, which has a purpose, formally, giving liquidity to the company to be able to achieve our goal of intention. In the same way, the sale of the token will be negotiable, after the Pre Sale period, in some exchange rate to be quoted. The Token purchaser, so that the Company recognizes the quality as a partner and he can exercise his rights as a partner and especially his collection of dividends must be justified on the web company companies, accreditation of fulfillment of all legal requirements of KYC and AML established in state laws that run headquarters

• Get commercial possibilities that have nothing to do with the core of the company that focuses the attention of the entire team on the company’s development is proposed.
• Strengthen relationships with partners with international capacity.
• Improve brand image and brand positioning that is focused on attracting buyers (Marketing, Advertising and Communication Manager of corporate finalists) without neglecting the seriousness in the images printed by technology companies.
• Conduct highly active competitive supervision on the system’s financial evolution and regulation of digital assets.
• Considering technological novelty and lack of specialized personnel, promoting recruitment actions for students in the latest courses or recent graduates trained by experienced staff who have been hired.
• Special attention and critical monitoring of the treasury. In terms of increasing external funds, assess the likelihood of a financial manager donated by an investor.


We follow the business continuity management, in this way, to process the capacity and maintenance of our company. It forms a vital part of the information system security management, planned and proven, it now knows itself more generally as a cybernetic security. When we talk about business continuity we refer to the survival talent of the “bad” it can have a negative impact on the company.

EDE calls require a stronger technology platform than Fintech complies with security, money laundering and risk operational rules, for example. And on the other hand, they can operate as financially no matter what agencies are currently performing with their various mobile banking models, with the approval of required activities. This puts EDE in a competitive advantage to additionally provide “core banking and regulatory banking” services, to date, Fintech is not allowed to perform. KYC & AML As a regular entity, Digital Lux Ant promises to meet all required and mandatory requirements for KYC regulations and AML, to detect any fraudulent use of money from suspicious activity. We understand that KYC controls and processes oversight which as an entity is knowing new and former clients, from what they dedicate and say the funds come from, with the aim of avoiding commercial siding with people involved in crimes such as money laundering, terrorism, corruption government, drug-related crimes, among others. KYC answers the legal order of financial institutions around the world.

Lux Ant Digital S.L. has developed a digital token, which is a smart contract provided by the Ethereum network. The token name in question is “Alux Digital” and that ticker is ‘ALUX’. Tokens have been certified and checked by Ethereum standard developers. Tokens are managed like Ethereum bags, and they work with virtual coins, which means any movement or transaction is registered. The token buyer, in order for the company to recognize him as a qualified partner and that he may be able to exercise his rights and especially those specifically paying dividends must be justified in company web company. Proving compliance with all existing legal requirements KYC y AML establishing current legislation in countries that train seats.

The proposal for the manufacture of the ALUX Token aims to provide Lux Ant Digital with liquidity and can carry out its objectives. In this way, the sale of the ALUX Token can be negotiated after the pre-sale period, across multiple exchanges. The token buyer, in order for the company to recognize him as a qualified partner and that he may be able to exercise his rights and especially those specifically paying dividends must be justified on the company’s web.

• Project Description: EDE Development
• ALUX Description: A token made by Lux Ant Digital to do the necessary things
liscenses to make the final project.
• Symbol Ticket: ALUX
• Token History: Token ERC-20 in Blockchain of Ethereum
• Total number of Token ALUX: 1 Billon token
• Transactions of tokens not sold: Will be burned
• Cryptocurrency received as sale of Token ALUX: Ethereum & Bitcoin


Total investment: € 1,000,000
Token Hedge Fund
User control panel
Full time staff
The original headquarters of the Constitution

Total investment: € 10 million
Regulation of financial management
EDE (Electronic Money Transfer)
Development of e-banking platform
Unblock payment solution

Total investment: 25 million euros
Global financial management
R & D & I plans to partner with a physical financial institution
ICO development support



AUTHOR: Cristina ngocok