How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends
April Harter, LCSW

I don’t suppose the writer of this article or any of his supporters realise just how racist they are? I understand that when you feel you are coming from a place of moral superiority, rules meant for the great unwashed masses do apply to you in the same way.

For you to use the term “white” with such a broad brush is very clearly racism to anyone not engaging in cognitive dissonance in order to resolve their worldview. So make no mistake, if your hatred for white people is so profound that you can’t see the chart you have created is exactly what you have claimed to be against, perhaps you are too far gone already.

But if you have even a shred of impartiality left, perhaps you can re-examine your perspective by answering a few questions;

1. How would the chart look if you replaced “white” with another race and adjusted the other spectrum elements accordingly?

2. Take the first element “whites are the superior race” and replace that with “whites are ______” or for that matter “blacks are ______”. Do you see a pattern forming? Using a blanket statement about any race is racism. But your self prescribed moral superiority gives you licence to be racist in your mind.

The only disease here is ignorance. You are projecting your’s from a very narrow perspective within your country and milieu.

Racism, where and when it exists, knows no racial boundaries. It can be found, in full measure, in all races and cultures. It is, unfortunately a part of the human condition. It can be mitigated through better understanding and honest, open communication but it’s can’t be addressed effectively through, divisive, misguided racist rhetoric like this article.

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