The Marvel Universe: A Good Metaphor for our first team project

There were clashes of intellect and ideas; battles over how to accomplish goals and timelines; great acts of heroism, altruism and sacrifice; blood, sweat and tears. There was a team of coders versus an evil API proctored by Disney. Ideas were killed and resurrected from the ashes like the Phoenix, components were parred away like limbs from a victim of a Wolverine berserker rage, and at the end of the battle: the coders emerged victorious.

So all of that may have been a bit over the top, but so is the world Marvel has created. We wanted to take that world and those heroes to create something that seemed to be a heroic task for our current skill-set. Like the heroes our website is based upon, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But importantly as in the comics, we all have each others’ backs. At the end of the day, there was only one possible outcome: to produce a cool app that utilized some of the skills we are attempting to master in this program. The experience was useful in that we learned how to work on a team, to recognize the importance of accomplishing a shared goal, and the necessity of relying on others when we faltered.

My contribution was largely focused on the JavaScript aspect as opposed to the HTML/JSX structure or the CSS. TJ and Lloyd took the lead on creating the look and feel for our app, while the navigation and connectivity of the app was mostly on mine and Chris’s plate. Lloyd and I spent several hours working on a battle component that was really challenging and was a lot of fun, and has the potential to have a lot more interesting functionality as we continue to develop the application moving forward. I eventually even played around with the CSS for the final page. Our “Creative Director” TJ even had this to say about my styling contribution :

I love that background Brett your creativity is shining through!

That may not seem like much, bit it actually meant a lot to me because I have not been feeling particularly creative or that I was contributing much to the styling of our app, which is such an important part of UX/UI.

All in all, it was a great experience with great people.

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