#TeamCerebra 2015

So long, and Thanks for all the Cheese!

There are moments in life, moments when you know you have crossed a bridge and nothing will ever be the same again. Today I walk across that bridge, leaving with some great memories, some powerful experiences, strong friendships, wise mentors and hard lessons.

I leave them behind now as I walk, run and climb to my destiny. Ill never forget them or loose the creative entrepreneurial energy that they have reignited in me.

The Humans of Cerebra have changed my life forever.

Each one has had an impact on my perspectives of life and business, and Ill never be able to thank each of them, so with a lot of thinking and soul searching, I listed some of the strongest lessons I learnt from some Cerebrans that I call my friends. These are not direct quotes but what I took away.

The Insights Team

These human’s taught me how to work better with a lot of other personalities and preferences. They also bore the brunt of my personality, so they’re rather cool for that too. Claire, Bree and Gwen, thanks!

Suzanne Van Aswegen

Don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of you or how you run your life, and what ever you do, do it with everything you are.

Chase “Selfie King” Carneson

Never give up on what you want to achieve, you can achieve it if you are willing to put in the hard work and never give up.

Keenan Harduth

Be kind and support your team first and to the end.

Craig Rodney

You need to ask Why… why, why, why, why … why (Question Everything, and ask the difficult questions no one else does)

Thabiso Moloi

Put your head down and focus, you may have a million great ideas but pick one and go.

Frederika Fourie

Be creative, be curious, be honest and tell stories.

Bernie “Bern Dog” Smit

Fitness and health is wealth, but more than that, you can be in a highly responsible and stressful position and still be supportive, positive and good to your colleagues.

Mike Stopforth

Make great people that can do great things. As the man said: “follow your heart, but take your brain with you.”

Hummel Dean

Stand your ground when giving a new idea and fight for it, if you believe in it.

Craig Wynn

Come up with more ideas around thinking globally but acting locally. He also helped me name my new company! So thats cool too.

Anna-Belle and Leyash and Nicole

Honorary mentions to the three people who taught me a few things about being more creative in life and how to unlock that creative problem solving thought process.

Anna-Belle Mulder and Nicole Olwagen showed me that you can be yourself and a bit nuts and still be able to create something amazing, they inspired me to write, blog, and develop my interest in photography. The latest project is a weird thing called South Gallery.

Leyash Pillay taught me possibly the longest lasting lesson of all. The ability to think and de-stress when working on a project. I wont tell you what that secret is, rather ambush him in a dark passage and ask.

To every Cerebran, Thank you, you are a creative crazy awesome bunch of humans. The lessons I learnt from you have reignited my dream of starting and running my own business. I will miss each of you.

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