East of West Book One

The Refreshing Art and Idea of East of West

Here’s some of that art

The only thing that I’ve been longer than a business man, is a geek. This weekend I picked up East of West, which was originally published in 2013 by Image Comics.

Right from the get go, let me just say this is one of the most interesting and unique stories I’ve ever read.

Everything from the quirky pop art style and colouring of Nick Gradotta, to the story telling fusion of dystopia, cowboy steam punk, alternative history and questions around religion ideas being brought together by Jonathan Hickman, just drips of creativity and intrigue.

I wanted to share the art with you, so here it is:

I admit, opening this book, I found myself falling down the rabbit hole hard. My biggest fear is not having the money to get Book 2.

The series is on it’s 8th book, each book includes five or so issues. The latest was published: East of West: The Apocalypse: Year Two, published March 2017.

Thanks for taking five minutes to learn about this cool book: East of West. I really hope you pick it up at your local comic book shop.