Why I wrote this post first on my website and then on Medium, maybe you should too.

Here at Cerebra, we have a fun-to-do thing every Thursday. It doesn’t have an official name, but its our informal creative thinking and beer tasting session after hours.

Everyone gets together here at one of Design Quarter’s restaurants, pays for an over priced draft and discusses what ever topics we’re voted as most popular throughout the day.

This week, my topic was voted tops, which was nice, the question:

“Should we be focus our blogging efforts on owned platforms like a website blog or move everything to a social blogging site like Medium, Tumblr or Storehouse.”

Chase Carneson (Left) and Keenan Harduth (Right), two of my close friends and mentors in digital and community.

After a lot of back and forth, this is what I learnt:

What do you want to achieve?

Understanding what yours or your brand’s goal is, will determine wether or not you will need to focus primarily on a social blog platform or an owned platform.

Ask yourself: do you want to engage more with your audience, like here on Medium, or increase range of your content with good SEO and search rankings on a web-based blog?

For Joburg Brew, this was a very important question. As a company, we need to eventually generate sales, as a brand, we want to communicate and engage with real people like ourselves as much as possible. So where to strike the balance?

Or should we use both.

Is it appropriate?

Where is your audience looking for your brand or companies content? Are they looking for you on a social platform like Tumblr, or are they expecting useful content from your website?

For businesses with more complicated products or services, is engaging socially what is expected from the market? And would it reflect your company in a positive light? Can the market even use the channel you’ve chosen!?

Think of the sector the company may be operating in, like finance or resources, would customers want their bank to be social and “with it”, or serious and to the point?

Reach, Rank and Engagement…

So what about doing both?

Seems like a good enough of an idea, host your blog post on a web based platform or blog, and re-share that content on social channels such as Medium or Tumblr.

This way you connect with more audiences that you have generated.

But what about rankings?

Google doesn’t look kindly on duplicated content. So why duplicate the content? We already have the uncanny ability to shorten a two page article into a 140 character statement, and then still add a link, so why not re-draft content for different platforms? Lets change the point of view per platform too while we’re at it, facts on the website, and opinions on medium. (For the financial sector this could work)

Medium does this really well with its ability to reference the original source material. This shouldn’t damage your page ranking on Google and should improve your reach on more platforms.

Reactivating my web-based blog:

Ill be restarting my blog section at brettmagill.com again. This time with a more personal and broader focus.

But Ill never leave medium, I the engagement ability on the platform, and its ability to create relationships and connect people, especially if you I focus on entrepreneurship.

What I want to know, is what you think of this idea? Add comments or Tweet me, there is no wrong answer, everyone has an opinion, i’d like to know yours.