Instagram: @Brett_Magill 18/05/2016

Writing a Medium Every Day:

“Decide to do something and commit to it.”

That statement has both inspired me and depressed me on a daily basis. I can’t not finish something or give something my complete commitment. It’s for that reason that I do everything I can to finish a task before moving on to the next one, if I don’t complete it, I become frustrated, half the reason I sometimes work until the follow day.

It’s the same reason why I burn out when taking on too many opportunities or taking on too many tasks at once, I tend to glitch.

Despite all this, I’ve decided to challenge myself, to make myself create a valuable Medium post a day, based on a lesson I learnt that day. This will force me to do a lot of things, provided I can stay committed. A bit like a combination of Seth Godin and Casey Neistat.

One would be to force myself to learn something every day. This maybe tough, but in the next breath, if I’m not learning something new everyday, I think I maybe doing something wrong.

And two, because I’ll be learning something new every day, Ill be living more richly and then seek out stimuli to again experience and learn more.

The lessons though, could be a ten minute long blog post, or a few words of wisdom from an old inn keeper, but always Ill try create both value for you, my reader, and creative satisfaction for myself.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up.

What have done to challenge yourself recently? Let me know.

Thanks for reading my post. If it struck something within you, it would mean a lot to me if you clicked that green heart, it also lets others find the story.

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