Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts — Quickly Access a Cheat Sheet

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Are you a Gmail user? If so, you can speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts.

You might already use some of the most common ones. But, there is a stack of Gmail keyboard shortcuts you may not be aware of.

No problem!

There is a convenient cheat sheet that lists them all in one place. And, you can access it from right within Gmail itself.

How? You guessed it! By using a keyboard shortcut.

Just hit:

shift + ?

The cheat sheet will magically appear.

Hit “shift + ?” again, and the cheat sheet will disappear. Or, you can click the “Open in a new window” link at the top right to access detailed documentation.

Of course, keyboard shortcuts are only helpful if you commit them to memory and they become a part of your workflow. A cheat sheet can help you to learn and remember the shortcuts you want to use.

After a while, you probably won’t need to bring up the cheat sheet any more. Your fingers will automatically “remember” what keys to press to get the result you are after.

But, if you forget a shortcut or you want to start using more of them, then this cheat sheet is your friend.