Too Many People Close Their Eyes

We must take action on climate change — A tanka poem

Image: ©
Ice sheets retreating
Helpless animals suffer 
For the warming earth 
Too many close their eyes
While those in charge do nothing

Sir David Attenborough’s new series Our Planet is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful and inspiring. It graphically illustrates the devastating effects of climate change on the animals and plants that we share the planet with.

Far too many of our political leaders choose to do nothing to address climate change. Why? Because doing nothing serves their short-sited agendas.

How has it come to pass that our children are rallying to protect our future while the adults we elect to lead us twiddle their thumbs and tell dangerous lies from ivory towers?

At best, our leaders bicker endlessly about how to implement environmental policies that are often hopelessly inadequate to begin with. At worst, they deliberately and callously spread absurd anti-science nonsense designed to cater to their support base and vested interests.

We must all follow the lead of our children and take action before it is too late.

This is my fourteenth poem for NaPoWriMo 2019.