You Lay Waiting Naked On The Bed

Brett Christensen
Image: ©

I’ve stripped away the faded strings
from your lovely neck and body
You look vulnerable now
your centre exposed to my gaze

I gently rub your alluring curves
to wipe away the traces of
previous caresses and excesses
and I make you glow

I adorn your smooth form
with bright new silver and gold
You look enticing and beautiful
full of passionate promise

I sense you waiting for my hungry arms
to hold your gleaming body
and touch your waiting neck
with my trembling fingers

I take you in my arms at last
and we renew our special intimacy
You sing anew, bright, clear and confident
aware of your power over me

I fall in love with you all over again
and vow to replace your strings more often
To polish your body every time I play
my beautiful sweet guitar

Guitar images — © Brett M. Christensen — 2019

Brett Christensen

Written by

Blogger and hoax-slayer. I enjoy writing and photography and I’m passionate about learning new things.

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