‘Failed Delivery’ Phishing and Malware Messages

Collection of wrapped parcels with delivery tags.

Beware of fake emails and text messages claiming that a parcel could not be delivered or was sent to the wrong address.

Links in these emails open fraudulent websites designed to steal personal information or install malware.

This is a very old scammer tactic…



Aug 29, 2021


Brightly Shining Moon

Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

Brightly shining moon
Cast light on the darkened earth
Starlight reflected

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Photo Fun With Fruit

I’ve realized that, with a little imagination, you can create interesting images out of just about anything.

I made the above image by placing a thin slice of strawberry on the bulb of a desk lamp and then editing it in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Here’s the original image straight out…



Oct 31, 2020

Freeform Poetry

Fleeting Dismal Thoughts After Midnight

Doodle by Author

Sometimes I feel like
A bad sketch -
A mistake that the artist
Has scribbled over
With solid lines
So that the sight of it
Won’t offend her

I was randomly doodling in my sketchbook last night and scribbled over a “self-portrait” drawing that didn't work out how I wanted…



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