How to Promote Ecotourism?

Since the environmental movement sprouted in the 20th century, supporters of the movement eagerly embraced a close-up look at Mother Nature — and that’s exactly what ecotourism brings.

What’s Ecotourism?

Ecotourism gives nature and environmental enthusiasts an intimate look into pristine habitats scattered across the globe. What started as just an idea is now becoming mainstream in tourism: tourists now flock to Brazilian rainforests and Saharan deserts, areas once untraveled and ignored. Traveling to these destinations allows tourists to experience the region’s unique wildlife and culture in an up-close-and-personal manor, unlike anything found in traditional sight seeing. Most importantly, ecotourism serves as a productive conservation medium.

Ecotourism concerns..

Although ecotourism seems like a positive method of promoting environmental awareness while enjoying nature, the practice is concerning some. Those worried with the practice cite poor regulation and negative environmental impact as their concerns.

How to promote the practice?

Because opinions divide on ecotourism, conservationists must promote the practice thoughtfully. To appease the conservationists concerned over regulatory issues, further oversight tools may help protect the rights of locals from the toured areas while assessing the impact traveling creates on the habitats. For travelers eager to explore exotic lands, remember to respect the land by preserving it while traveling.

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