Rex and Conspire

Here’s the first in a series of blogs about digital and tech things that you may have missed.

I’ve been playing around with a new app called Rex and a new site called Conspire. Rex is a social media app that let’s me know what’s going on around me — it could curate my life. Conspire makes introductions and networking socially acceptable.


Rex lets me share and discover places and things that I like, easily. I can see things by categories like coffee, restaurants, bars, music etc. You get the idea.

It’s strength is that it takes the best of social media and whacks it into the one app. Instagram pretty? Check. Like and favourites (called vault)? Check. Geolocation to cool stuff relevant to you? Check.

Rex encourages me to share things that I’ve done or am doing that I think that others will also enjoy. It cuts out the noise — I’ll save the snark for Twitter and the beautiful pictures without any other purpose than beauty for Instagram.

I found out about Rex because I took the time to read Chris Sacca’s Twitter manifesto. And you may need to do that too for the sign up code!


Conspire is a networking site that makes it socially acceptable to use social media for business networking. It’s the social networking equivalent of the Six Degrees of Separation Kevin Bacon game.

Conspire analyses your email account and works out who you know based on your email messages and connections.

I’ve always felt awkward using LinkedIn’s get introduced feature. The thought of having to ask someone for an introduction had all the high-school-charm of asking a friend to tell a girl that you like her.

Conspire is different. Conspire shows you the links in the chain between you and the person you want to know. To use Chris Sacca as an example again, I am two steps removed from him — and I’d have no problem asking the first link in the chain to help me out with an introduction.

That aside, Twitter, for me, still is the strongest tool for networking. We’re all in the same tribe on Twitter and that levels the playing field for almost everybody. Conspire is playing on that same tribal sense and you will have fun seeing how to connect to people you don’t know but want to.