I’m impressed.

This is the first blog post I have ever created in my 22 years of life on Earth. To be honest I have always been hesitant to post my feelings on the internet, including my social media, out of fear of other people’s response to my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone else has ever felt that way about the internet, but there is a sense of permanence to the internet that makes it a little bit intimidating. With that you can rest assured my posts will not be as outlandish or entertaining as something perhaps Donald Trump would blog about.

Needless to say, welcome to the world of Brett’s thoughts.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what the “secret” is to creating the perfect first impression. It seems that those who are able to win people over within the first 2 minutes of knowing someone are the people who get the girl (or boy, the last thing I want to do is discriminate), the job, and the life we all want. This often leads me to wonder if this charismatic behavior is something only given to a blessed few, or if we all have the potential within, we just have yet to access and cultivate this skill.

I listened to a podcast where the author of “How To Wow”, Frances Jones, explained a few simple techniques to enhance your personal charisma in all types of environments, from first dates to job interviews. A key element is approaching each person as a personal reporter, and beforehand you must determine what kind of story you hope this person will write about you. The way to approach this method is to prepare beforehand 3 characteristics you hope that reporter would identify you with. For myself I would hope that the reporter would walk away thinking I was kind, funny, and passionate. What does this mean? This means that the way I speak and the topics I bring up should reflect kindness, humor, and passion for what I dedicate myself to. Perhaps with a business professional you would choose different traits than on a first date, however it seems the principle would still apply. It seems simple, but it really does take effort to put forth your best self.

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