My daughter recently lost her tooth. She places her lost teeth in a small bear that she sets next to her bed, letting Tiny Tina, her personal Tooth Fairy, find the tooth a little easier. My daughter has managed to lose the little bear and along with some slight negligence…

As an American, I was raised to believe my country is exceptional in all ways. Having worked in technology longer than I’d like to admit, we tell ourselves that the US and the Bay Area, in particular, are unparalleled in terms of innovation and what allows people to be innovative.

How a bagel order led to 400 people marching in the streets the next day

Crowd in front of the Islamic Center of Alameda

It all started on a Saturday morning, when I was texting my wife my bagel order and mentioned that we should go to the local Mosque and hold signs of support. …

My team, like many teams these days, is distributed around the world. We’re currently working on a project where the client is in the Eastern Time Zone of the US, team members are in the CST and PST as well as in Seoul and Singapore. …

brett webb

Creative Technologist/Lover of Fun. I help people with their (mostly digital) projects.

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