by Me

The day is ending, the battle’s won.
So now, to sleep, to rest.
I’ve won the day, the battle’s done.
Alive, with no strength left.

The sweet reprieve, reviving calm,
Returns to me my brawn.
But lining that all-healing balm:
The night ends with the dawn.

The dark of dream brings peaceful zen,
But also nervous angst.
For tomorrow’s just today again,
And again and again and again.

This starts out with me having to interview to get a job back at Infusionsoft. (Shout out to Scott Morrison)

1:15 — I am asked to stay at Infusionsoft for more than 2 years (I didn’t)

2:24 — I forget how English works

2:30 — I set up a standing desk WAY before it was cool

2:55 — I knock the coffee right off the counter — quite messy haha

6:00 — I am asked to change my last name (not allowed to be a Martineau any more)

7:45 — Clate shuts that madness right down

9:30 — I get connected with Micah Mitchell and ScoMo offers me more money to stay

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People spend countless hours and energy building their “setup”, thereby rendering themselves immobile when it comes to the actual act of creation.

Sometimes it manifests as buying actual peripherals for their computer setup (the latest monitor, the nicest MacBook, the best webcam, the nicest microphone, etc).

Sometimes it’s a little…

Bret Martineau

Muay Thai, Music, Marketing

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