100% Free Public Records: Search Like A Boss.

Brev Anthos
Nov 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Locating 100% free public records is not as difficult as it might seem to most people. It’s important to understand before we began that it’s not quite as hassle-free or as easy to use as some of the professional sites that provides a USA public record checks. 100% free public records searches are offered from community resources like county courthouses for court records, police and sheriff departments for public arrest records, vital records department for death and birth records, and many others. There is a drawback when using state public records. Unless you’re certain the person you are looking into never left your region or state its a good idea to look into other area’s. To do a nationwide public record check try a site like FreePeopleScan.com the instant scan will give a quick breakdown of a person’s public records and potential locations prior to requesting payment of a full report.

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100% Free Public Records

In terms of 100% free public records people search. It’s going to be different from state to state in terms of the way they display information and if they will charge anything for the records. Within this quick tutorial, I am going to provide tips for discovering direct official data sources. I’m going to use the state of Ohio for this example so try to repeat the lookup techniques for whatever state the search is relevant to. When doing a public records search make sure that you are actually working on genuine government websites. Having the website name with a .gov is certainly going to be official. A few of the local websites will use .us or .com among others.

First, let us try to track down Ohio public records with no charge involved. Start by searching for court public records and arrest information. I’m going to start by using Google with a search term “court records Ohio” “Ohio department of corrections offender search” “Ohio Criminal Records” and “Ohio Sex Offender Search” don’t forget to look out for a site that ends with a .gov or .us.

Result for Court Public Records Ohio — Supreme court only http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/Clerk/ecms/#/search (Ohio is a state which doesn’t have a central system for looking up court records so I had to pick a county for my search) For county searches use keywords Clerk Of Courts + County Court Records.
Adjusted Results for Franklin County Ohio Court Records — https://fcdcfcjs.co.franklin.oh.us/CaseInformationOnline/. So here’s what they say: CIO was created and is maintained by the Franklin County Clerk of Courts and the Franklin County Data Center. CIO is intended as a convenience to the residents of Franklin County for the purpose of obtaining public record information regarding Criminal and Civil cases filed in the General Division of the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations cases filed in the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas, and Appellate cases filed in the 10th District Court of Appeals. We make every effort to ensure that the documents on CIO are current and accurate, but we do not guarantee this.

Results for Ohio Criminal Records — https://www.ocjs.ohio.gov/background_check.stm here’s what they say: As Ohio’s planning and justice assistance agency, the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services does not offer background checks or criminal record searches. For your convenience, the following are a few options available in Ohio for these services:
Criminal record check information for Ohio residents may be obtained through the Sheriff’s Office of the county in which the person resides.
Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (BCI&I): Part of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, BCI&I offers WebCheck, an Internet-based system for civilian background checks.

Results for Ohio department of corrections offender search — https://appgateway.drc.ohio.gov/OffenderSearch here’s what they say: This site displays data on those offenders who are currently incarcerated in an Ohio prison, currently under Department supervision, judicially released, or who died of natural causes while incarcerated.

Results for Ohio Sex Offender Search — http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=55149 here’s what they say: View all published offenders within a specified radius of your home, business, school or other desired address and locate published offenders by last or first name (or any alias first or last name). Any match or partial match will be displayed.

Public Records Search

I think we cleaned up quite nicely with locating 100% public records at least in Ohio. This can be replicated in just about any state and county in the United States. Once you’ve accumulated all the directories you believe you will want in the area. Have a first and last name ready and conduct your free arrest record search. Keep in mind as I have mentioned previously these types of databases are going to be restricted to a state, county or city. I generally suggest doing both local and national investigations. I enjoy the regional databases simply because they’re direct and also genuine. Even So, most of us simply don’t possess adequate time to search through each county and every state to make certain everything has been looked at. Utilizing a webpage like FreePeopleScan.com you’ll be able to see arrest and public record results from many states in a single system. Use both for the best results.

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