These days there are a lot of good metal bands, Yeah! I know Metal is a genre that is usually frowned upon and although considering certain bands and their lyrics it is definitely cringe worthy. But coming from a person living in Chennai, India where the Metal scene is yet to take to the skies like various main stream bands , GODIA- a heavy four piece metal core band that has been trending in its own little habitat in the city of Chennai, winning various collegiate gigs and main stream gigs like ‘Wacken B.O.A ’ Chennai, the concern that comes into question is how are they apart from the various underground metal bands that strive to make it to higher grounds in metal loving swarm of people? Lets start with the fact that the band has mad technical sounds, they’ve basically thrown away generic octave riffs and worked on adding a lot of odd time notes, which to be honest hasn’t been the work of art for many of the metal bands. I can easily compare them to major bands like August burns red, Asking Alexandria, just because of the technicality involved, rather than a 00–000–00–000 chug through out the whole song they have worked on differentiated riffs. Their major USP would be their vocalist, not many can work on their vocals to squeal and add a ton of depth into their screams and at the same time add some melodic clean vocals as well, Their vocalist seems to get it right every time, hitting the right note adding so many scales to his own voice its almost sensual how he smoothens out the song which unexpectedly ends in a massive breakdown, which literally moves the crowd. The lyrics consists of a lot of positivism, which reaches out to the conscience of many, good lyrics are hard to come by and Godia does it exquisitely. In my opinion this band has a really strong stage presence that helps gain the crowds attention because lets face it no one likes a dead band just standing in one place chugging away to kingdom come.

The songs are mainly written by their lead guitarist who is the main reason they sound so heavy. A musically sound person can work wonders on the guitar and this guy has really lived up to that , his God given technicality puts this band in the good books of every metal head,the odd time riffs and rad octave notes adds so much flavor to the genre that no song is similar and their breakdowns just get heavier as they go on. Their bassist and drummer converge on the complexity of every song bringing so much unison that helps this band stand out higher than any other band of their genre. They truly are something the Indian metal scene has got to check out. And with their LP dropping really soon , its gotta turn a few heads because of the their committed dedication to help shape their songs into a masterpiece individually.