Medium Post 4

In class on Monday we had a wonderful guest speaker come in and talk about the local Women’s resource center. Laura Weaver came in and told us about the history and the purpose of the women’s center, it is a center for children, men, and women can come too to seek help or if you are a friend of a loved one who is in an abusive relationship you can also come and seek help or guidance for your loved one. The center was built in 1977, it is the oldest women’s center in Virginia. There is 26 bed facilities, 7unit apartment complexes, and a live and local hotline that runs every day out of the year and every hour. There is a legal advocacy program and an emergency program there as well for those who are in serious trouble and need help immediately. You can volunteer there as a support system, there are both women and men staff that work there. She told us that even though the children there who have been abused by men, love the men that volunteer there because they have never met a safe male to be around and they love it. I learned that less than 10% of men are actual abusers but we see all men as the abusers, we blame 90% of men for that 10% fault. Domestic Violence can be considered dating violence, mental and physical abuse, non-relationship violence, and all the abuser wants is power and control over that one person. People always stay in the abusive relationship because they fear they will not have anywhere to go but that is not the case for some women. A village in northern Kenya called Umoja is a small village with only women, there are no men that live there. These women were in an abusive relationship with their husband, forced into marriage at a young age, or have been raped and can’t marry now because of that. These women come to this village for safety and support. The village was founded in 1990 by a women who was brutally raped and beaten, she came up with the idea when she was in the hospital recovering from her attack. Most of the Kenya women are raped by British soldiers that inhabited the area during the 30 year span that the soldiers where there. They still follow tradition and they make their money by selling beaded jewelry to tourists and having them pay small fees in order to get to see their village. This is how they take a stand to the abuse that men run their lives. Most of the time a person’s “stay” list is longer than their “leave” list when they are involved in an abusive relationship. We should not blame the victim anymore but instead blame the abuser. They must know what they did and why it is wrong, we need to teach others not to do so either.