Obama and science

“The science couldn’t be clearer”. Yes it can, Barack! Let me tell you why. But before I do, let me make clear that I am not an environmental scientist or have any affiliation with an environmental organization. I am just a data scientist, who looks at graphs and data a lot and is used to people drawing the wrong conclusions from them.

You should realize that you are looking at a very specific period. An average over this period is just relevant for that period. And what is so special about the last 130 years? I don’t know, maybe it’s a period that fits the theory very well? If you search the web you can find many graphs that plot earth temperature over a larger period. Those show that the last 130 years are fluctuations.

To make it more clear, let us just use the data you presented here. Take the period from 1910 - 1940. I’ve made a cutout for you:

The green line is the specific average over that period of time. This gives the impression that the same climate change was happening in the 1940. However, if you look at the ‘bigger’ picture you can see that it was just a temporary effect. That same effect could be true for your graph.

Oh, and just for the record, I am not a fundamental climate change unbeliever. I just cannot stand it when media or politics once again draw conclusions on misinterpreted data. So, please be accurate, definitely when you are talking about science!

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