Jonathan Falwell Not Endorsing Any Political Candidates

On the same day his brother endorsed Donald Trump, Jonathan Falwell expresses why he is choosing not to endorse any presidential candidates. Because he is the head pastor of a church, he believes it his job to direct people towards Christ rather than to a specific candidate. Jonathan Falwell wants to be considerate of the members of Thomas Road because there are many people with a variety of political beliefs.

Lynchburg man gets life sentence in Polk Street homicide

Dominique Derrell Moss was senteced to life in prison on Wednesday because he murdered one of his distant relatives. Shawn Wendale Moss was shot seventeen times on August 14, 2014 in the 1000 block of Polk street. Dominique Moss proceded to leave the courtroom vowing to shoot the procecuter whom argued for his sentence.

Lynchburg police investigating string of burglaries

The Lynchburg police department have been leading an investigation on a series of burglaries around the Dearington neighborhood. The nine burglaries have all occured suring the day when the homeowners are not home. Valuable items such as electronics, cosmetics, and guns have been among the things stolen.

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