I Choose to Water My Grass

I choose to water my grass, instead of wondering why it’s not greener.

I choose to focus on the opportunities in my life, rather than ruminate about what I could have/should have had.

I choose to embrace my individuality as a strength, because you can’t fit in when you were born to stand out.

I choose to love myself, no matter what, and honor my innate value and worthiness.

I choose gratitude, excitement, curiosity and strength.

I choose to fill my body and mind with nourishment, not poison, and treat them as the honorary vessels of my time on this planet earth.

I choose patience over irritability, forgiveness over ego and love over selfishness.

I choose to embody these choices as much as humanly possible, especially on my most difficult days.

In all of this, I choose to live, rather than simply exist.

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