23 Productivity Tips That Will Make Your Day Flow So Much Better

If it can be said in an email, send an email.

Jul 25 · 2 min read
  1. If it can be said in an email, send an email.
  2. Always send an email, if sending an email is possible.
  3. The only reason an email should not be sent to communicate basic information is if the conclusions, objectives or answers are not yet decided upon, and multiple people should be present to weigh in on them. In other words, a deliberation of some sort is required.
  4. The least desirable tasks of your day should be prioritized second.
  5. The legacy-defining tasks of your day should be prioritized first.
  6. If you don’t feel motivated, begin with small tasks that are easy to complete. It will make you want to do more.
  7. There are almost no questions that cannot be answered by Google or YouTube.
  8. You communicate most of your boundaries nonverbally. If you answer an email at 9 PM, you are communicating that you are available at 9 PM.
  9. Stop being available at 9 PM. Learn to schedule emails for the next morning if you must work at 9 PM, for your sake, and for everyone else’s. If you don’t know how, refer to #7.
  10. Where nonverbal communication fails you, be direct. State what you are and are not willing to do, politely and concisely.
  11. Be reasonably responsive. There’s no excuse for allowing an email to sit in your inbox for 3–9 business days, especially when the response is time-sensitive, or only requires you to write a sentence or two.
  12. Your responsiveness will be directly proportional to your overall success.
  13. Turn off push notifications on your phone. You don’t need to be alerted every time someone likes a photo on your Instagram.
  14. Ineffective people conflate problems. Effective people separate and simplify them. Be the latter.
  15. If you need help, ask for help.
  16. If you need time, ask for time.
  17. If you get too attached to the outcome, you’ll never even begin.
  18. The hardest part of anything is just getting started.
  19. Ascribing intent will always leave you feeling bitter and jaded. Not everyone’s bad mood is about you.
  20. You cannot eat like shit, barely move your body, think negative thoughts all day and expect to be an effortless productivity god. Your success is a holistic endeavor.
  21. Even if it’s your passion, it’s still just a job. Let this humble you.
  22. Nobody is paying attention to you, your job, your boss, your organization nearly as much as you think they are, if at all.
  23. Relax.

Brianna Wiest

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I write for people who are ready to transform their lives. I post every day here: instagram.com/briannawiest, and my books are available here: briannawiest.com.

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