You Do Not Need To Be The Best To Be Good Enough

Brianna Wiest
Oct 11 · 1 min read

We are not all here to be award winning musicians

And yet so many of us are here to make music

We are not all here to write bestsellers

And yet so many of us are still here to write

We are not all here to be beautiful

But we are here to make beauty

Somewhere in hearing “you can be anything”

we assumed that until we were the best of anything

we were nothing

And so this is your reminder —

Do not be afraid of insignificance

We are all insignificant to the world

And we are all stars of our own stories

If you are here to be an artist, you must create

Even if nobody understands your work

If you are here to be a musician, you must play

Even for an empty room

If you are here to be a poet, you must write

Even if nobody else reads it

Your purpose is not to see how much recognition you can get

It is to do it regardless

Brianna Wiest

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I write for people who are ready to transform their lives. I post every day here:, and my books are available here:

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