So i have a little problem with this thing that i dont want to say or bring up but i will do just that and even if you have just gave up on reading this dont!😡 its important. I get so sick and tired of women having so many high standards of what they want there man to be like and wonder why they dont have a man well do you want to know why you keep choosing the same men!! Be different because half of you women want your man like this

  1. Have a car
  2. Have a job
  3. Make a decent amount of money
  4. Some type of education
  5. Good with kids
  6. House or apartment
  7. Make more money than them
  8. Freaky😝
  9. Not fat!!

Now i do understand a man needs to have some of those standards but you’re being a little to picky i hear women saying “he gotta have that money” like wow i understand you want a man that makes money and all of that but dame!! You probably dont even make that much money.You want a man that pleases you but you dont please them,what about their needs? Did you ever think of that? So what if he doesnt have a car or a nice house or a good education!! You are with this man so that you can love him and he can love you and so you can make a life and have a happy ending!! So you can have that but dont always set the bar so high!!! Bring it down a notch life is to short😌