I find it troubling how these Christians can give a pass to the very anti-Biblical notion of American nationalism rooted in white supremacy and genocide, how they can ignore the harmful effects of gentrification and neo-liberalism. When a political reform of healthcare benefits the rich and not the poor, when sexual sin is deemed a greater sin than of greed, pride, power, and money. Because at what point is my staying in such an organization an act of complicity with injustice?
Why I’m Leaving the Evangelical Church
Levi Rogers

We like to think our theological systems and narratives are primarily shaped by scripture. Photo by Anna Popović on Unsplash

Well said,

I have been thinking and talking about this for a long time. It is always hard to decide between: 1) influencing from within or 2) leaving all together. I have always felt that if people in the evangelical churches I’ve attended knew what was going on in my head, they wouldn’t want me around.

Interesting coming from someone with a degree from an evangelical seminary.

The truth is, church leaders want what they think is best for people, including me. They would want me in church, hoping I will come around to their viewpoint. Being in leadership myself however, which currently I’m not, would be an entirely different question. In most evangelical settings, I would likely have to suppress my thoughts on a regular basis.

Ironically, I used to think that the average church goer was in my camp. I openly talk about how being LGBQT doesn’t need to be understood as a sin, some noteworthy Christians consider it a blessing. I talk about the guilt trips and obsessive notions of sexual purity. I talk about the systemic sins that we are entangled in as a state and as a church, empire. I discuss the irony that Christianity was a church of the marginalized before it became the church of the empire. Everyone seems to think it is very thought provoking and interesting.

Then you see the 85% vote by white evangelicals for Trump and it forces us to realize.

Empire is stronger than ever … because of the church (me).