There wouldn’t be a single line of software inside a smart gun that isn’t already out there in…
Steve Baker

Lets look at an organization that uses and purchases firearms on a massive level, most times they won’t carry with a magazine in the weapon unless things are serious. When they do have a magazine in they won’t have a Bullet in the Chamber until things are really serious. If they do have a round chambered most times the weapon will be decocked and placed on safe. If they do have the weapon off safe the weapon will be decocked. There is only a very small group of people in this Organisation that will be allowed to ‘carry hot' and that is only after they have completed extensive Training. After all of those very strict rules and regulations there are still accendental discharges that happen. Why? Because of poor Training? Because the gun didnt have a smart Chip? No. Because guns are dangerous. Thats the point of a gun. Analog safety devices like a trigger lock or a lock box, do the same thing and dont rely on batteries, fingerprints, or wireless tech. Do you want to render your gun inert in the hands of others? Do it the same way you keep your car safe in a parking lot, lock it. You can go even farther and keep the ammunition seperate. If someone broke into your car, filled it up with Gas, and used it to run over someone, its really not your fault. If you have someone the keys and twenty bucks for gas, and they did the samething you might feel a tad guilty if you had a inkling the would do that. I just can’t see a situation where a digital solution would do anything an analog cannot do. I see how for cars having a wireless key is nice, I can Unlock from a distance. I can Start the car without pulling the key out of my pocket. Those dont translate to a gun, I don’t need to unlock my gun from a distance and I don’t need to fire it without pulling it from the Holster. Keeping an unlocked loaded gun unsupervised and having something bad happen is the same as keeping an unlocked running car unsupervised and having something Bad happen. Or a unsupervised running chainsaw. How many crimes or accidents with guns happened by people legally having those guns and practicing good safety methods? Not too many. As long as there are guns produced in the world without this tech, there will be problems with guns being used outside what you want. The fact that you can 3d print a firearm at this point I feel like that won’t happen anytime soon. Guns are sadly not that complicated, and this tech that you talk about will have workarounds. What I am trying to get at is that this is not the answer. The answer lies with the society. I now live in a place that has basically no gun violence, in fact, it has low violence overall. We don’t have smart guns. We have a society that has managed to find the answer without tech. Maybe, the solution doesnt lie with smart guns and somewhere else with already availible materials. That might be the reason this technology is having a hard time picking up speed.