Let’s say you want to build an app to retrieve lots of data over an API quickly and safely. Maybe you want to copy this data into a spreadsheet or your own database.

Depending on your experience, you may have tried putting API requests in a loop and found your app logging a pile of exceptions as your app started getting blocked by the API. You may have also been surprised when the results came back out of order. With an asynchronous language like Node.js, it’s very easy to find yourself in this situation. …

The BigCommerce Stencil theme framework is powerful and offers a lot of customization options, but sometimes we want to get information from the store that isn’t available in the default Stencil object. For example, let’s say you want to get all of a product’s variants to populate a bulk order form.

After reading over the BigCommerce developer documentation, it looks like the Catalog API returns everything we need. In one API call, you can get all of a product’s details, including variant information.

However, since it requires authentication, this API is restricted to server side applications. What if we want…

Sometimes customers want to order multiple variations of a product. Usually, they will need to add a single item to their cart, return to the product page, select different options, and repeat the process. What if we could make it faster and easier to order several variations of a product in one action?

With a bulk order form, we can enable the purchase of multiple product variants simultaneously. …

A bulk order form can help your customers check out faster. Normally, a shopper wanting to add many unique items to their cart will have to go back and forth between multiple pages.

Using a bulk order form, a shopper can set the quantity of multiple items and add them all to their cart with the press of a single button.

The bulk order form we’re going to build uses the free BigCommerce Cornerstone theme, the BigCommerce Storefront API, and React. …

Brian Davenport

Senior Product Support Engineer at BigCommerce

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