IoT : The Internet of What??
Patricia Schwarts

Before we achieve this Utopian vision, we’re going to have to do something to harden all these interconnections against the mischievous minority that don’t seem to be able to resist messing everything up just for the hell of it. I’m reminded of this thought especially today in light of the emergence of Krack attacks.

Assuming that problem is fixed, we really are going to need to find ways of getting information into our skulls without us having to look at our phones the whole time. The image alongside the paragraph about Miami airport shows a young lady standing looking at her phone. The reality is that all too many people mill about with ear-buds in, staring at their phones and bumping into things and/or each other with alarming frequency. My local university campus has become quite dangerous because of all the distracted youngsters imitating Brownian motion…

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