How “Self Improvement Daily” Changed My Life in Only One Month

Brian Ford
Jun 5, 2018 · 4 min read
Self Improvement Daily, an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing.

I did not realize how quickly or how drastically this Amazon Alexa skill would transform my life when I first started it.

In “Self Improvement Daily”, I provide a new 90 second self-improvement tip every day that can be readily incorporated into your life. I have become a student of my own teachings, and in the 4 weeks since I started creating, aggregating, and sourcing self-improvement tips, I have become the proof of concept for the channel!

Below are past “Self Improvement Daily” tips that explain exactly why.

- Take 6 Deep Breaths (May 21st) — Shared by Mark Metry, I learned of this tip at the perfect time. Only a few days after I first heard about taking deep breaths, I was in a position that required the technique. I was in an uncharacteristic and foreign moment of anxiety, and I had familiarity with the situation or how to deal with the stress. Remembering and using Mark’s tip calmed me down and restored my emotions to their proper state. If it weren’t for this advice I am not sure how I would have handled the situation. I have since been able to think about the root cause of those emotions and address them accordingly.

- Taking Cold Showers (May 8th) — About a year ago I learned of the benefits associated with taking cold showers, but could never muster the courage to commit to taking them on a consistent basis. When doing more research on it to create the Self Improvement Daily tip, I realized that my prior expectations were unrealistic and that the behavior was much more doable than I had initially thought. With this new-found knowledge, and a personal accountability to practice what I preach, I have taken a cold shower every time since the tip has aired (unless showering after 9PM) and have felt significantly more energized as a result.

- Don’t Snooze Challenge (May 12th) — Presented by my good friend Kris Schultz, I decided to partake in the challenge. The effects of snoozing are something I have been conscious of for a while and this nudge inspired me to go all in and fight against it. I immediately added this tip to my nightly goal sheet to create daily accountability, and I am proud to say I haven’t snoozed once since the tip was first shared. With this I am instilling in myself a strong-willed mentality that translates into other areas of my life.

- Make Your Bed (May 19th) — First introduced to me in Admiral William McRaven’s famous commencement speech, I have been using this tip for a while. However, formalizing the tip for the channel reminded me of the reasons WHY I decided to make my bed in the first place. By revalidating my initial decision, I have created a deeper association with the task, and every morning it has served as a renewed source of motivation.

- Don’t Keep Your Goals Locked Up (May 18th) — This tip came from my co-host Julio Cuevas, and it has opened my eyes to the power of our internal state. Julio talked about writing your most ambitious goals in present terms so that your mind begins comprehending them as truth, and they begin manifesting in unimaginable ways. I have since done this exercise with my large goals, and although not as often as Julio prescribed in the tip, I have already enjoyed good small wins and observable progress toward my goals as a result.

- Change Computer Password to a Positive Affirmation (April 26th) — This was the first tip I shared! I did so because I could attest to the value it has added to my development in a personal way. Creating the tip inspired me to assign a new password and a fresh affirmation, and give it another try. With a slightly different theme, I have noticed how reciting my affirmation has impacted my mentality, and in this world of “believe it to achieve it”, I can feel myself inching closer to the words in my affirmation every single day.

- Prioritize Tasks 1–5 (May 25th) — This is a technique I had devoutly integrated into my routine for a while, but for some reason I stopped using it, and I can’t remember why. But when revisiting this tip as content for the channel and reflecting on the value it provides, I decided to reinstate it. I immediately experienced all of the benefits I advocated for in the audio tip and feel so foolish for having discontinued doing it for so long. Again, the accountability of the project nudged me to reincorporate a tip that was tremendously useful, and I am so grateful that I did. My productivity has increased tremendously.

As much as I would love to advocate for the efficacy of Self Improvement Daily, the only way for you to understand for yourself is by giving it a try! We acknowledge that not every tip is perfectly suited for every individual, but we do believe that a lesson can be taken from each one.

So what are you waiting for? Take 90 seconds out of your day to add value to your life!

Access to the audio for past tips:

Information on optimizing your Amazon Alexa device and to hear past tips —

Link to the SoundCloud channel —

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at if you want to take part or have any questions!

I am looking forward to being better together!

Brian Ford

Written by

Host of the podcast Self Improvement Daily — Sharing a new personal development thought every day in two minutes or less!

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