Knowledge vs. Belief

My 6-year old shows me I have a long way to go.

Our church is currently going through David Platt’s Radical Series — an amazing study on how we take our faith back from the comfortable “American Dream” version of Christianity we have created for ourselves. The study takes a hard look at what scripture really says and how Christians are supposed to live. It’s a call to give up everything for Christ and to care for the widows, the poor, and the orphans, not the “two hours on Sunday and $20 in the plate” that many call Christianity.

So I’m fired up. I think I’m willing to give all, re-arrange our lives and resources to impact the kingdom and serve others.

Then out of nowhere, my second-born, Audrey (pictured above) comes to me and says, “Dad, I want to give all my birthday money to the church to help poor people.

I should have been so excited! My 6-year old has it!

Instead, I’m sad to say my first reaction was, “Honey, you can give a little, and save the rest”.

It took her asking several times before I got it through my think skull — she was modeling how I was striving to live. All her needs were met. She didn’t need more “stuff”. She wanted to use the resources that she had to help others. So last Sunday, she took all her money to church — and gladly gave it away.

It was such a good reminder to me of something I heard awhile back — many of us have so much knowledge we don’t realize that they aren’t beliefs. Sure, I would say that the Bible says true religion is helping widows and orphans and that I should be using my time, talents, and treasure to serve others, take care of the helpless, and share the Gospel. But a gut check looking at my bank/credit card statement, calendar, and heart showed that much of this is still knowledge and I don’t truely believe what the Bible says.

God grant us the power and humbleness to transform the knowledge of the Gospel into belief in obedience.

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