Relax? A hustler has no time to relax. There is no time to take a break or to slow down. We need to constantly work at a breakneck speed in order to get ahead in life. We need to always be working on 3 or 4 projects at once or else we aren’t being “productive” enough. If we aren’t working round the clock and outworking all of our competitors, then we will surely be bored out of our minds soon enough. Being a hustler is a blessing and a curse. Hustlers tend to have unbelievable passion and an incredibly high energy level. Hustlers have thick skin and they hold themselves to an extremely high standard. They take pride in their work ethic, they live by a code that most people just don’t understand. The code is “when greatness is attainable, good is not enough”. Complacency is the poison that kills men and women alike. However, it has been my experience that most hustlers do not know when to say no. They don’t understand the importance of taking a break or in having quiet time to themselves. Hustlers like myself laugh in the face of fatigue and love to hear others complain about how tired they are, for we know, that when the competition is starting to get worn out, that is when we raise our level of performance up another notch. We thrive under pressure and when we smell blood in the water, we know its time to feast.

No rest for the wicked, that is the old famous line. However, what happens when you start to hit the inevitable mental block or you start to break down physically because you are working yourself to death? What happens when you are too stubborn to admit that you are only human and that you are growing tired? What then? What happens when the day to day grind starts getting you down? What happens when you start asking yourself why you are doing all this? What is the purpose? Danger! Welcome to the internal conflict that every hustler goes through numerous times throughout the week or month. For me, there were times where I would have this sort of internal conflict numerous times A DAY. Exhausting? Heart breaking? You have no idea. Pain becomes a way of life for the hustler. We thrive off it and feed off our pain and turn it in to something beautiful. However, what happens when you start pushing yourself too hard? What happens when you start to burn out a lot of your relationships? What happens when your stubbornness starts causing you to make silly costly mistakes? Â When you start to make mistakes, do you blame yourself? Do you feel like you need to work harder? Work more hours? Most hustlers feel that way and THAT is the problem! Relax is pretty much the same as “give up” and giving up to us is like dying, we aren’t willing to do it just yet.

Your mentality moving forward will need to adapt in order to be able to work at an optimal level and more importantly LIVE life at an optimal level. If you keep doing things the way you have always done them then you will keep getting the same results. Change your mentality so that you can change your life. Throughout this book I will show you why it is so important to evolve not just as a hustler but as a human being. Doing more and achieving more doesn’t necessarily mean working more hours, it just means taking better care of yourself and being even more efficient. You need to stop wasting your time doing things you aren’t passionate about and you need to actually be chasing your passions. Throughout the process you will realize you can be a lot happier by working smarter not harder. The key for a hustler is finding balance because often times our lives are chaotic and we just embrace it and keep doing it day after day. Hustlers usually try to juggle way too much at once and we can’t stand to let anyone down, disappointing others is a huge fear of ours, so we will do anything to not let that happen.