Overcoming challenges

Every day is a new challenge

Working at a startup is really tough. You can’t possibly understand the madness of the daily grind unless you have ever actually worked at a startup yourself. There isn’t much structure in the world of a startup, every day can be a struggle. The highs can be fantastic, and the lows can be unbelievably terrible. Literally there would be days where I felt like I was on top of the world and later that same day, I would feel like I was at the bottom of the ocean. Life is a roller coaster and that fact couldn’t be more accurate than in the world of a startup. Long hours, demanding sales quotas, lack of a very good training program, lack of job security, etc. Every day is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Welcome to the life of a hustler. This is the kind of shit I live for.

Hustlers thrive off adversity and pressure. Some of the highest quality human beings I have met in a long time, I have met at my current job. These people can thrive under any situation and have been through chaos and insanity for much of the time that they have worked here. You wouldn’t believe the kinds of hilarious things we have all seen here, as well as the various challenges we have individually faced and faced as a group too. I will carry my experiences with me to the next place I go and all my experiences have made me a much more well-rounded person. Thrive off the insanity and chaos and keep working to make a better life for yourself.

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