Want your brick-and-mortar store to win the battle with online retailers? 
 Here’s how to do it!

Looking to to compete with online retailers? Start by following their playbook.

Competing with online retailers starts by following their playbook — knowing your customers and using that knowledge to develop a customized buying journey that meets their needs.

But how do you go from knowing the number of people who visit your store to obtaining a deep understanding of what & how they purchase and developing a shopping experience that fits their needs like a finely-tailored suit?

A deep understanding of your customers is key to developing a customized shopping experience.

It starts by becoming a “smart store” that collects and utilizes data to understand your customers.

5 steps for becoming a smart store

1. Consumers often begin their buying journey by researching products and retailers online. Use SEO and digital marketing to build awareness so that shoppers already know your store before they enter the mall.

2. Consider providing an indoor navigation app for shoppers in your mall. Indoor navigation provides an enhanced shopping experience by making it easier for shoppers to find stores and products that are interest to them. For time-pressed shoppers, saving time provides significant value and builds mall loyalty.

Providing indoor navigation enhances the shopping experience and can increase mall loyalty and sales.

3. Indoor navigation and location-based technology also collect shopper demographics, preferences and shopping history and enable retailers to send highly-personalized mobile offers when shoppers visit a mall or approach 
a store.

Retailers can even send time-sensitive offers to a shopper who is about to enter a competitor’s store! Indoor location-based technology can also send reminders and special offers if a person has not visited the store or mall 
for a certain period of time.

4. Indoor location-based technology goes beyond providing “products you may like” recommendations — often seen on the websites of online retailers — by providing the ability to send customized product recommendations when a shopper enters a mall or on the day or exact time when he/she is most likely to visit a mall.

5. Indoor navigation & positioning technology deliver even more value by providing deep analytics, predictive behaviour and insights that can help retailers and property managers optimize marketing campaigns, store design and shopping mall layouts and in turn, drive traffic and sales.

Analytics can help you optimize marketing campaigns and mall & store layouts.

Can you think of other ways to leverage indoor location-based technology to more fully understand and connect with your shoppers?


MAPSTED CORP. is a Canadian technology firm that strives to be the global leader and provider of indoor positioning/location services.

Unlike other indoor positioning platforms, our ground-breaking core localization technology does NOT require Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular connections. It can be easily deployed in multi-storey buildings, underground floors and other areas that are generally known as dead-zone locations.

MAPSTED offers a smart mall solution that includes geo-targeted mobile ads and comprehensive shopper analytics — all based on our leading-edge indoor location-based technology.

For more information visit, mapsted.com


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