Website Assignment 2/16/2017

A website I go on a lot is The reason I do this is because it is an easy to use shopping platform that really helps bring all aspects of shopping together, while giving you a great price.

The voice and tone of the website are effective. They have a fun and interesting layout, while at the same time conveying exactly the information that is needed in order to get the person interested. The website uses different categories of products that you can easily see to get people to their site. They also offer some of the best deals, while also offering “Amazon Prime” for premier offers and 2 day shipping.

Graphics are heavily utilized (to great success) throughout the site. There are even moving models of things and really attention grabbing backgrounds and colors. They do this by categorizing and separating things into specific categories, that way you know exactly where to look for information. Most of the thought for the website I feel was given into the navigation, because you have to be able to find the products if you really want to make a profit. That is why it has been so successful, because people have been able to look around it and find things they didn’t even know that they wanted.

The elements of the website are very consistent. The website is generally structured with product, brief description, and pricing all prominently displayed; then, if you want to learn more you click on the product to read reviews and a more in depth description. It works so well because it shows the segmentation and differentiation of each product as distinct, and thus the consumer is drawn to each one individually rather than lumping them all together as a whole.