Kids, playground violence, and parents.

A) Kids are kids, same as the last generation. And the one before that.

B) There were no “ good old days” of kids. We like to think there were. Our fourth graders now will remember their “good old days” when they come to their own children’s parent conferences 20 years from now.

C) Parents who beat their kids make angry kids.

D) Parents who tell their kids to “defend themselves” have angry kids who fight even when they are not defending themselves. Kids don’t understand “ defend”.

E) Kids who fight have parents that get angry at the principal and other staff for letting these fights “happen”.

F) Kids who get in trouble blame other kids for what they initiated.

G) The parents of those kids blame other parents , or teachers, for their own child’s behavior.

H) Kids who are peaceful have peaceful parents.

I ) Peaceful parents blame their own kid when the kid is wrong, and that is when the problem usually ends.

J) When parents of troubled kids finally realize it is their own kid causing the problem, it is often too late!