I take big, big issue with point number 4.
Drew Alden

Despite your somewhat rude tone, I’ll respond.

In my experience, getting devices provisioned on WiFi has been nearly impossible in 3rd party settings. I completely agree that a F1000 company whose IT team is bought into a project will go through the effort to get WiFi connections to devices. If I had not seen this problem many times first hand, I wouldn’t have written it. The “no you can’t use WiFi” line was tongue in cheek obviously.

Having a separate cellular connection inside an enterprise has never been flagged, since it’s the same as the device in your pocket from a security perspective. Completely air-gapped.

Of course WiFi is a very different technologies from others, but often the whole point of a sensor is to send a very small message, and a full blown TCP connection can have headaches associated with them.

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