8 Gems from the Salesforce Winter 17 Release Notes

The Salesforce community is really buzzing these days. Between Dreamforce, the Lightning Experience, and the upcoming release of Winter 17 in October, it’s been really hard for customers and partners to catch our breath! As a Senior Salesforce Analyst at eightCloud, I’m lucky that jumping on the release notes and looking for gems is PART OF MY JOB! I took some time and went through the release notes to surface what I think are the most exciting, interesting, and useful new features. Believe me, it was hard to stop at just eight!

  1. Horizontal Navigation Comes to Lightning! — One of the main initial features of Lightning, the collapsible side panel navigation, will be a thing of the past when Winter 17 goes live. This will be a big gain in efficiency and will ease the transition from Classic as it is similar to the Classic tabbed header. An awesome feature of the top navigation is when you hover over the tab name, you get a list of recent object records. So cool!
  2. Quotes will be available to add from Opportunities in Lightning! — This is a huge step forward in the progression of the Lightning Experience. For many this gap in the Classic to Lightning comparison was enough to cause delay in adoption the new platform.
  3. Build Reusable, Invocable Processes! — This new feature is another push forward for Process Builder. This will allow admins to create one Process and reuse it by invoking it from another Process. It’ll be available in Classic and Lightning editions. Powerful stuff!
  4. Contracts come to Lightning! — I thought Quotes was a big deal but we get Contracts too?!? This is another big gap that was blocking many customers from making the leap to Lightning. With this feature, we’re that much closer to full parity with Classic. Way to go Salesforce product team!
  5. Chatter Comments Real Time in Lightning Experience! This is huge. No more refreshing the page to see if anyone commented on your post. This will also make it easier to cut the cord with email notifications. What a great new feature!
  6. Use Global Search to Search Setup or Salesforce! In my world, I’m always looking for ways to save clicks and this will be a big win for efficiency. This feature is for Lightning edition only.
  7. Inline Editing in List View Comes to Lightning! — Here we are with another big click saver. Lightning users will be able to hover over fields in a List View and click to edit. Again, feature parity is a wonderful thing! This feature is in Beta and some restrictions will apply.
  8. Lightning App Launcher Gets Relaunched! — A major improvement is coming to the App Launcher. The new look has collapsible sections for Apps and Tabs, plus a direct jump the the AppExchange. This change makes for a great user experience with its improved UI.

What are you favorite Winter 17 release note gems?

Brian Roff is a Senior Salesforce Analyst for eightCloud, a national team of top performing, trusted advisors united by a passion for helping all types of organizations leverage the full potential of Salesforce to evolve their business in ways they never imagined.